Nicolas Martin-Beaumont

I'm a French photographer and film-maker based in the Munich area. I help public and private organisations with a strong social and ecological responsibility to tell their story through images.

Are you looking for a responsible photographer/director? Someone ready to take on technical and aesthetic challenges? Do you want authentic, sensitive images?
Then get in touch with me. I'd be delighted to show you my approach and offer you guidance on the form and content of your message.

+49(0)1 765 6871233

Working with me means:
- a relationship based on trust
- a tailor-made, sober and convincing result
- a limited ecological footprint of production
- simple solutions to complex issues
- smart storytelling rather than a profusion of resources
- a network of passionate and responsible creatives

Manifest: Social and environmental responsibility

My professional and personal life is motivated by the values of sharing, protection and openness. We are going through an ecological and social crisis that cannot leave us indifferent. That's why I'm doing my bit to help build a fairer, greener future.

My approach is to:
- limit my ecological impact
- produce clear messages of social and environmental justice
- remain curious and open

To do this I have decided to:
- choose the circular economy (choose equipment that lasts, repair, resell, recycle)
- prefer local and responsible suppliers
- favour cycling and rail transport over cars and planes.
- refuse green-washing
- learn and teach (KIDS project, ...)
- keep time for my family, friends and voluntary projects

And I'm happy to follow :