The Handicraft at the heart of Regensburg

The city center of Regensburg is not only a world cultural heritage site but also a place where handicraftsmen produce, repair and sell. They are well known of the inhabitants but the workshops stay undiscovered by most of the people.

We have to come closer to them and to support this work. Today one can have his shoes repaired, eat a fresh bred, having a metal gate built and much more. This local economy maintains the heritage of the city and participates to a sustainable future.

The exhibition The Handicraft at the heart of Regensburg (which original name is Einblick auf das Handwerk – Handwerk im Herzen Regensburgs) provides an insight to this marvelous world trough 60 photographs and a video installation.


It consists of three videos and four sound canals, which are installed in a square.
This immersive layout encourages the visitor to turn around in order to discover the different scenes in the workshops and the streets.


Funding: Handwerkskammer Niederbayern und Oberpfalz
Curator: Reiner R. Schmidt
Sound editing and re-recording mixing: Benjamin Lecuyer

March 2017